Hi! My name is Rachel Jordan. I am 21-years-old, attend the University of Colorado Boulder, and I am currently a dance instructor for Longmont Dance Theatre Academy, Elite Dance Academy, and Kinesis Dance Academy. I am from Colorado and am currently studying for a BA in Psychology and a BFA in Dance.

Mouvement de Fleur is my first LLC company. My purpose to making this company is to partner with my family’s company Lobaki. Lobaki is a startup company that offers a way for you to turn in your DNA sample results from services like AncestryDNA, and they will transform it into a music track. My role in this partnership is to create and offer a visual dance that can be learned or enjoyed for those who have had their DNA sample turned into music by them.

My personal motto is that the meaning of life is to give life a meaning. That is, I aim to get as much out of this life as I possibly can, while making sure that others around me are given the chance to have the same opportunity. This blog will be where I keep my creations, personal thoughts, and updates.

I hope you enjoy Mouvement de Fleur!