Hello! My name is Rachel Jordan. I have been a dancer since I was a child and am currently a dance instructor for studios in the Greater Boulder County area. I am a recent graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Bachelor of the Fine Arts Degree in Dance.

Mouvement de Fleur is my first LLC company. My purpose of making this company is to share my life experience as well as my knowledge of the body, mind, and spirit through movement and discussion. I aim to accomplish this by partnering with those who are curious about the specific ways in which humans express themselves and how dance can be utilized to safely allow for self-expression and healing.

My personal motto is that the meaning of life is to give life a meaning. That is, I aim to get as much out of this life as I possibly can, while making sure that others around me are given the chance to have the same opportunity. This blog will be where I keep my creations, personal thoughts, and updates.

I hope you enjoy Mouvement de Fleur!