Happy Holidays!

The most wonderful time of the year is back, finally! I am always so excited for December. Not just because of presents and decorations and families coming together, but mostly for the all around happiness that the holiday season brings with it. It is always a time to look forward to. : )


During the middle of last week, before everybody headed home for the holidays, my “Apartment Crew” had our own mini Christmas. It was such a fun and hilarious night, we had some sweet, awesome and humorous presents and it was overall a wonderful night.


For Christmas Eve, I volunteered to run the camera that provides the live video feed for my local church that I grew up with. We had three, hour-long services on Saturday, and it was so much fun and so awesome getting to celebrate over and over again with so many people. We had such a jam-packed house the first service, I had to jump off of camera to go help set up chairs. It was incredible.


There was an amazing moment during each service where all of the lights in the house were turned off, and everybody was asked to raise their cell phone lights high for “Silent Night”. That room was pitch black before all the lights came on! It was such an awesome thing to experience and witness.

After the services my dad and I watched “The Polar Express” and “Scrooge” to finish off the long day. Great classic movies!! Hard to believe they came out so long ago!


For Christmas Day the family got together to celebrate. We opened presents and had an awesome, hour-long discussion about Virtual Reality, and then we ended with “Heaven Sent”, a movie that my mom worked on and partially starred in! It was a very sweet and memorable night.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, here’s to the New Year!!


4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

      1. Ashton Deroy

        Yeah, keep using tags they work! I am a reader and content creator on WordPress 🙂 , I love Christmas lights to I just took a 20 minute stroll outside to look at my neighbors’ lights. Honestly, I am from a little town in Ontario. So my favourite part of my holiday was going to my cousin’s diner and hanging with my siblings, cousins and grandparents. I actually just posted a video of my siblings goofing around on the blog.

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      2. Mouvement de Fleur

        Thank you!! I haven’t had any traffic up until this post so all the tips you have I will take!! I love looking at the lights too, I was just reminiscing about driving through the neighborhoods when I was little just to look at them all. So wonderful! It sounds like you’ve had a great holiday!! I’ll definitely check it out! : )


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