Happy New Year!! It is finally the end of 2016 and the start of another year! Hopefully you had an amazing time with your family and friends in celebration. Here’s what I was up to!


To celebrate the end of the year, a group of us headed up to Fort Collins to see the annual Brewery Lights hosted by Budweiser. It was not completely as advertised, with the clydesdales being off at the Rose Bowl and the light show only being out front, but huddling by the fire with smore starter packs was tons of memorable fun. Also, every 30 minutes an entirely electric Christmas tree would have a light show with rock and roll Christmas songs, and we all jumped up and danced along to the light show. We got lots of applause afterwards! It was awesome!

Afterwards we were all going to go to a burger joint and hang out as a group, but we ended up getting separated and everyone went their own ways for the rest of the night. Since it was just my boyfriend and I sharing my car, we decided to head up to somewhere neither of us had ever been before: The Flatiron Star!


This star is lit every holiday season, and it is planted on the almost vertical slope of Flagstaff Mountain. It is so beautiful up close, and after making the treacherous climb up, you can see the entire cities of Boulder, Longmont, Denver, and even Denver International Airport, which is an hour drive from Boulder!

After hanging out in the middle of the star for a while, we slid all the way back down the mountain and headed home. It was almost 1 in the morning, so we were tired, but it was so awesome getting to have that new experience with my best friend.


For the actual countdown, my group of friends and I had a mini party in our tiny apartment just off of campus. It was tons of fun, and after the countdown I got to visit my dad and celebrate with him. Definitely a great way to end this crazy year!

So, that was the end of my 2016!! I am glad it is over and excited to start this new year of adventures. While there were definitely some unforgettable and enjoyable moments in 2016, there has also been a lot of pain and confusion with this year. Here’s to a new start and a better year!

What did you do for New Years? I cannot wait to hear your stories! Happy New Year everyone!! : )


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