A Simple Playlist

Hey! I was trying to think of a way for you all to get to know me better, and it is always nice to find new music to listen to, so I thought I would create a short playlist of some of the songs I have been really enjoying recently.

  1. “Faux” ~ Novo Amor, Ed Tullett. This song is so unbelievably beautiful, with incredible vocals and such a relaxing quality to it. I have NEVER even began to cry from a song before, and this gets me teary eyed so fast. It left me speechless the first time after listening to it. I love it so much.
  2. “Montana” ~ Tycho. Tycho is a new artist for me that I have been listening to, and their music in particular makes me think of being on a fun road trip. I listen to this track on the way to work, and it always lightens my mood. It’s upbeat, got great rhythm and is definitely a favorite of mine.
  3. “This Is the Life” ~ Two Door Cinema Club. This song is a pretty simple alternative style song, but at 45 seconds in, the guitar and the vocals are so hypnotizingly beautiful to me that I became hooked and obsessed with this song immediately. TDCC in general also reminds me of the feeling of being on a fun road trip along with Tycho. Also, the main singer has a great tone to easily sing along to. It makes me feel like I can actually sing! : )
  4. “Vessels” ~ Starset. This is a whole album that I have absolutely fallen in love with. I have always loved Starset, as they only have 2 albums and NONE of their songs are bad at all. They are a cinematic rock band, and since I’ve found them I have bonded with tons of people through their music, including my boyfriend of over 3 years now (it was our first concert together!). They have a super unique sound and I promise you’ll enjoy them. : )
  5. “audrey” ~ johnny_ripper on SoundCloud. This is a great background song for studying or doing homework. It is very relaxing, and it slowly builds into a really nice, energetic song. Johnny Ripper is my main reason for going onto SoundCloud, because all of his music is so nice and dynamic. I’d suggest you give him a listen!
  6. “What You Know” ~ Two Door Cinema Club. I couldn’t just pick one TDCC song, so I decided to add both because, why not? This song is great for dancing to. It gets me feeling so happy and excited, and I will admit to totally busting out moves in the car while listening to this song on the way to work. No shame. : )

So there you go! Hopefully you enjoy listening to these songs, I know I love getting to hear new music so I figured I would share what my taste has been recently with you. Let me know in the comments what you think, I can’t wait to hear your responses!!


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