The First Half of Sophomore Year

I just finished my last finals for the Fall semester of my sophomore year of college. Woohoo!

I had an idea a couple weeks ago to start up a document for myself that is an autobiography of my life. I have so many memories still fresh from my childhood and I would hate to lose the tiny details as I get older. I have had a pretty crazy life so far, and while it is definitely not as crazy as so many other people’s lives, I feel as though I should keep all of these things that I can remember documented somewhere. Wouldn’t it be cool to show it to my kids one day and have them read what my childhood looked like? I think so.

I’m excited for what this website of mine will help me with in my future. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey with me!

I hope whoever is reading this is having a wonderful moment in time. I’m learning to appreciate everything about every day much more, recently. It’s already changing my life.


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